Finding Balance in Our Technology Driven Lives

There is nothing more difficult today than finding a balance between work and life. While social media and all of the technology have connected us with one another, it has also connected us to work, twenty four hours a day. It is crucial that we find ways to take time out for ourselves and what is important to us, outside of work. We need to give our best at work, to get our jobs done and perform well but we need to try just as hard in our personal lives. Never stop growing!

Technology and Work/Life

All of the technology and mobile gadgets have done wonders to connect us. It has never been easier to keep up with family and friends. Simple Facebook posts and updates let us know what is going with everyone we love. As much as we love the connection with family and friends, staying connected to your job any time you want, is an added plus. While we still have technical work hours, time after that just means we are not in the office, it doesn’t mean we can’t be contacted until tomorrow.

This is great if work is your only concern and if you love your job. For others, this disrupts the ability for them to do other things that are important to them. Constant contact with work can limit the time that can be spent with friends or family. The worst case is when a fun personal event is interrupted by a work call and you end up missing the event while you are attending the call.

Importance of Work

Work is important as we all need to make a living and pay for the things that we need. It is also important that we take out uninterrupted time for those that are important to us. In order to do this, we have to work hard and efficiently so that we can wrap up as much as possible before heading home in the evening. By being busy and not procrastinating at work, we can deal with the issues that would otherwise interrupt our evenings with family. While different job responsibilities require different arrangements to be made, it is almost always possible to create uninterrupted time if we try.

Value of Friends and Family

Sometimes it is difficult to see how important it is to have time dedicated to friends, family and even our hobbies but these parts of life are just as crucial as work. Spending time with friends and family can help us stay balanced and aware of what is going on with those around us. While Facebook can give us a brief overview, nothing is better than seeing our friends and family and get in touch with them in person. Spending time focused, specifically with them lets them know how important they are to us.

We work hard to provide things for ourselves and our family. If we don’t take time to relax and enjoy the things that we have earned, then it becomes harder to continue to work for them and fight for them. We have to balance our time and energy between work and enjoying our time with hobbies and those we love. This is simplified a bit when our loved ones have similar interests as you. This makes it easier for us to include them in our hobbies and enables us to spend time with them while we are up to something of our interest.

Enjoy your Time

More often than not, it seems that many of us almost hate our workplace these days. This can make it incredibly hard to spend over eight hours a day not only in the office, but focused on the tasks needed for work. When possible, it is important that we find work that we love and if we cannot do that overall, it is vital that we find some aspects of our job that we can enjoy. When you look forward to your workday, even just a small part of it, we are more energized and able to work more efficiently. When we absolutely dread what we do, it is easier for us to be exhausted by simple tasks.

It is vital that we make time for the things that are important to us without allowing work to consume all of our time. The technology and mobile devices that are available today have made it easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family but they have also connected us to work. We have to establish a balance between working and enjoying time that is dedicated to our friends, families and other hobbies.