Countertops – Deciding on Your Kitchen / Bathroom Countertop Materials

For many, their kitchens and bathrooms are the most crucial area in their home, and a lot of Estate Agents concur that the very best method to improve or elevate the building value of a home is to remodel the cooking or bathroom area. The very first major hurdle will be to choose your countertop material – as well as there are a lot more choices available than simply granite!

For several, their cooking area is the most vital space in their home. As well as a lot of property experts agree that the most effective way to boost or elevate the home value of a house is to renovate the kitchen or bathroom area. The four major elements of a kitchen area remodel normally entail replacing the major devices, mounting new floorings, changing or re-facing the kitchen closets, and also installing a brand-new kitchen counter. Let us focus on that last part in changing your current kitchen area counter top product with a brand-new one.

Naturally, it entails more than just escaping to the store to select a brand-new worktop for your kitchen or bathroom. You will certainly first require to think about how much you intend to invest. You likewise require to consider just how much effort and time you will need to invest to preserve your new worktop. Ultimately, you will wish to seriously take into consideration the style as well as look you want in your cooking or bathroom area. Whatever type of countertop you install, it will certainly be the centrepiece of the entire area.

The very initial type of kitchen counter that stands out right into the mind of every nervous cooking area renovator is granite. However, there are several kitchen counter products to select from ñ as well as granite is only one of them. Nowadays, a kitchen remodelling hopeful can pick floor tile, stone, acrylic, concrete, stainless steel, and laminate, even wood!


Let us start with the most popular: granite. Granite kitchen counters are one of the most prominent however also the most pricey. Why? Besides the gorgeous surface, granite is exceptionally heat and scrape resistant. A granite countertop is extremely resilient and will last a long time. A granite kitchen counter will never head out of style and granite piece instalment will substantially boost the worth of the house. The drawbacks? Aside from the expense, granite is an all-natural rock and also it is permeable. A sealant will certainly be required to prevent discolouration. One choice is to use granite floor tiles in place of a huge slab. The expense savings on the ceramic tiles is high. It is essential to not make use of the granite surface as a cutting board as it will certainly dull the coating (and mess up a blade or more.).


Besides granite, there are various other numerous rock surface areas that can be utilised in your kitchen or bathroom. Quartz, marble, limestone, soapstone, and also slate surface areas are popular today. Marble is smooth and also great, excellent for cooking straight externally. It is not as durable as granite and requires extra sealing upkeep to shield from discolouration. Slate is very durable and also has such a unique surface that it can actually attract attention in a cooking area. As slate has been utilised as a roofing product, it doesn’t call for as much sealing defence, however some maintenance is still needed. Limestone is really permeable as well as spills need to be dealt with promptly to avoid staining. It has an all-natural, weathered look that can strengthen and darken with time. Natural quartz has a look similar to slate yet does not tarnish or scrape as easily. Engineered quartz has been gaining appeal too, but the prices are considerably extra (engineered materials are a quartz composite product mixed with epoxy, polymers, as well as small rocks or pebbles for a special look and feel.).


Polished ceramic and also porcelain ceramic tile has been popular in kitchens for years. It is available in a huge variety of colours, shapes, and designs. The ceramic tiles can be a tiny as a square inch and also as huge as 6 square inches. The tiles are durable and also have several of the same warm as well as scratch resistance high qualities as granite. The porcelain ceramic tiles are typically extra costly than the ceramic tiles, but the porcelain floor tiles are more sturdy and the hardest terminated sort of tiles. Drawbacks of floor tile? It can chip easily, much more pricey than laminate choices, and the grout can be a problem. When putting the tiles with each other, there are cement lines between each of them and also grout can stain extremely conveniently. It will certainly need a lot even more maintenance to keep it looking good. Because of the grout issues, the ability for the floor tiles to break and also chip quickly, and also the total cost, it is best to leave the instalment job to an expert.


Concrete is not only for sidewalks or driveways. A concrete kitchen counter is pigmented and can be polished right into a smooth as well as glossy surface that can look like any natural rock. The counters can be moulded in a manufacturing facility or cast on website. Concrete is instead permeable as well as requires to be consistently secured, comparable to granite, to resist spots. It can be made into any type of shape and also have any thickness. Concrete is likewise warmth and scratch resistant. The counters can be made in a selection of shades as well as structures. Disadvantages on concrete? The sealant that is needed is not the only security required. The sealer needs to be waxed each to 3 months to prevent discolour as well as water damage, so upkeep can be considerable. You can not cut on the concrete surface area without leaving marks. Concrete is additionally really pricey.


A restaurant would possibly be the first point one would consider when it pertains to a stainless steel cooking area counter. But there is a reason most restaurants use this material. Longevity, discolour as well as water resistance, low maintenance, a myriad of size and shape choices are just a few of those factors. It is additionally really simple to tidy and you can put a hot plate or pan externally without concern of damaging it. The downside is that some people don’t like the industrial look of it, and it can be pricey to have made. Cutting on it can leave marks and also it can be very easy to damage. It is essential to make certain the surface area is at the very least 18 scale as well as has 8 to 10 percent nickel in it.


Occasionally called Butcher Block Countertops, a wood counter is normally made from strips of maple or oak that has been glued together. Yet just about any wood can be made into countertops. Bamboo kitchen counters are the current trend! Timber counter material has a warm, beautiful look that can be available in a variety of tones and appearances. It is perfect for people that wish to cut straight externally of their counter. It can be fined sand and resealed in the event of any kind of deep cuts, scrapes or discolourations. It can be very easy to set up and the prices are affordable. Drawbacks? Timber is not very hard and can conveniently shed, scratch, or damage. The timber can warp or transform black near sinks from regular water call.


Formica is the most common name for laminate counters. It is made of a small layer of plastic glued to particle board or timber. Plastic laminate counters are very cost-effective, lightweight, as well as offered in a countless supply of shades as well as patterns. It is very stain-resistant and, as a plastic product, it is easy to clean. Due to the fact that it comes pre-formed, it can be simple for a do-it-yourselfer to install. Downsides to Formica? While these counters are somewhat durable, they do not last forever. Laminates are not warmth or scratch resistant but they are stain immune. Rough cleansers can boring as well as scratch the surface. Deforming or water spots accompany too much exposure to wetness. The colour or pattern can fade with time.


Strong surface area counters are produced tops that are custom-made for any type of application. Popular firms include Corian, Avonite, and Swanstone. These surface areas are long lasting, water resistant, very easy to clean, non-porous, as well as are also immune to mould and germs. As well as nicks or scratches can be fined sand away. Downsides consist of trouble managing hot frying pans externally, high expenditure, and also too much weight requires a good solid cabinet base (similar to natural stone.) Some do not such as the plastic or fake look of the product, yet the product does have a variety of shades to select from.

Changing the kitchen countertops is only one action in your objective to renovate the kitchen area, however it is taken into consideration the greatest step by numerous. You can actually make a statement regarding your cooking area as well as your home with the right option of countertop material. Of course, when you care for those worn out counters that included the residence, it will actually make those old cabinets, flooring, and also devices stand apart! It is all simply part of the process of enhancing the worth of your home.

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