Welcome to My Blog

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Anastasia Kinnison and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to start a blog because I want to inspire others. Growing up I was not encouraged to be anything other than a white collar worker. My whole life I heard my mother say, “Oh this a be a good grocery store for you when you graduated.” I wanted more than that. I knew with every part of me I wanted to play the harp. When I was six our school district got their first grant for music classes. Our teacher, Mr. Baugh, had very few instruments to offer us. In fact, we could pick from instruments like the harp, the keyboard, the xylophone, and the flute. I feel in love with the harp the very first moment that he plucked it. The noise that came from it made my heart jump. Since that day I have played the harp ever since.

Being a musician is a wonderful career. I have had more opportunity than working in a grocery store would ever provide me. I have been able to play in beautiful cathedrals, amazing concert halls, and do amazing charity work. The opportunity to work for charity is really what keeps me playing music. When I walk into a school where underprivileged kids just like me when I was a young girl start smiling I realise I am giving them hope. I want my music to fill their souls with love and hope. It is the best feeling in the world.

I live in a nice townhouse, something far from where I ever imagined myself living. When I was a little girl I assumed I would live in the project just like I grew up in. I had huge dreams as a child, but very little hope. It often seemed that few people left our neighbourhood. The ones who did usually ended up coming back. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I began to really have hope. A man from a local college came to our recital and approached me afterward. He told me that my playing was amazing and he’d like to have me interview for a scholarship. I said yes thinking that it was something that would go no where. I figured he’d look at my family’s income, where I lived, and immediately say no. However, it went completely differently. I walked into that interview and held my head high. I answered every question with passion and by then end of that interview I was offered a full scholarship. My life began at that very moment. A girl who thought she’d never go to college was going to college. I had somehow avoid the career of being the world’s best harp playing cashier and I was going to become the world’s best harp playing college student. My mother went crazy. She jumped up and down and thanked God for giving me the opportunity. I think she was more excited than me. Anyway, that’s how I got my chance.

I spent every moment at college learning everything about music I possibly could. By the time I graduated I was given a career with a local symphony and I have worked with them ever since. Our symphony is amazing. We are one huge family. In fact, we probably have the best parties in town, but no one knows that because they think we are all nerds. I hear that all the time. “You play a harp for a living, what a nerd.” Hey, I’m a nerd who is following her biggest dreams, life isn’t that bad. We always do an amazing concert and I get a solo every year playing Silent Night. I cry every time because it is such a beautiful song. After the concert we bring presents to local children. It is by far the greatest feeling in the world. I feel like a harp playing Ms. Claus. A few years ago there was a little boy named Tommy who loved cars and we had three matchbox car sets left. I walked over to him and gave one to him. He hugged my neck and cried. I cried right there with him. I was just like him as a child and to see that I am making a difference is amazing.

It may seem that I spend all of my time volunteering and playing that harp, but I don’t. I love television as well. I have a few favourite shows that I can’t miss. I love The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, and Reign. Anything on the CW is really good though. I could just sit around and watch the CW all day. However, I also enjoy all the amazing sights of Atlanta. I don’t think people realize all the amazing places Atlanta has to offer. That doesn’t include the traffic, sometimes the traffic in Atlanta can drive me nuts, but other than that. Atlanta is awesome. I also love cooking. I would love to have the time to take cooking classes one day, but for now I play with soulful flavors. Sometimes I need to post my amazing recipe for gumbo. I have a secret ingredient that will blow your socks off. I’m serious about that. It’s probably one of the best recipes in Atlanta. My great grandmother taught me before she passed away and I am so very glad she did.

That’s pretty much me. I find myself a simple person. I’m a nerd who plays the harp, loves teenage drama shows, and likes to cook. It’s a simple, but happy life. It’s fun, exciting, and most of all rewarding. I hope that my blog inspires you to continuously strive to follow your dreams. You can grow up in the most dire of situations and still find success. The most important thing is to do your best and always take every opportunity that you can. In the end you can be like me. You can have the life that you dream of.