Finding Your Inner Strength – Discovering the Real You

Every day presents us with different trials and obstacles that test our resilience. Whether we are having an emotional day, difficulties at work, problems with people or maybe trouble solving an issue, we all have to find a way to regroup and get through the day. This is easier to do when we have specific ways to handle stress and find our strength.

What are your strengths?

What do you excel at? Do you work best under pressure? Do groups invigorate you or drain you? All of these things are important to helping us identify where our strengths lie. If we work best alone, then looming deadlines may be faced best by working on the problem at our desk and without interruptions. On the other hand, those that work best with groups may be able to find solutions more efficiently when brainstorming with others or when a task is divided among multiple peers. When assessing situations, it is also important to understand how you respond to pressure. Does a looming deadline cause you to panic and work frantically and less precisely or do deadlines cause you to focus and perform perfectly. This is different for everyone but can greatly affect your performance. If deadlines bother you, plan ahead so that the tasks are done ahead of schedule. This will allow you to stay on top of projects and allow you to only face last minute changes with the deadline looming. If you love working with a deadline looming it is possible to find a work environment that functions the same way and flourishes under pressure. Find the environment that suits you best to avoid unnecessary stress.

What helps you be your best?

Many of us work best under particular conditions. Pressure, as mentioned before, can be a strong motivator for some while it simply builds up stress in others. In addition to this, some of us work best with music playing, allowing us to tune out distracting background noises and focus on the music and the task at hand. Music can also be calming when we are stressed. Different songs often register with people in different ways. The link these songs have with memory allows them to trigger calming or happy memories when we listen to them. This sort of trick can work wonders when a person or project is stressing you out. Music can also help us tune out distracting noises by surrounding us with familiar noises that can be more easily ignored so we can focus fully on the task at hand.

Do you need to be alone to think through a problem and brainstorm on your own or do you need a team to help discuss problems and find elegant solutions? There is nothing wrong with either approach; some of us just work better alone and others in groups. Understanding which approach tends to work best for us can allow us to create these situations and work more efficiently.

Inner strength

While understanding what allows us to work better and function efficiently for work and other projects, it is also important to recognize where our inner and emotional strength comes from. When we face difficult and trying times, we must rely on our inner strengths to get us through. Often times these are wrapped around our family and friends. Their presence during hard times can help us endure and come out even stronger. They often encourage us to keep trying when the weight of everything going on, pushes us to stop.  Can you face any situation calmly, no matter how traumatic it may be? This is a remarkable level of strength. Many of us panic when things go very wrong or when there is a traumatic accident. Being able to endure these events without breaking down or panicking allows us to remain calm and level headed, making decisions when they are needed and adapting as needed.

Inner strength also needs outer strength, your appearance is important to give you inner strength, so be shallow and go get your hair done or teeth whitened, it really works to give you confidence.

Practices for Strength

Inner strength can be found in a number of places ranging from meditation and yoga to quiet reading or exercise. We all find our strength and calm in different ways. Lately, yoga and meditation have become popular with its strong focus on breathing and stretching which help us focus and strengthen our bodies. Others find their strength while reading and exploring worlds and ideas through text while others are empowered by exercising. Various forms of exercise help people to focus and find solutions to their problems by drawing their attention away from the problem for a bit. This allows them to step back and see the problems from a different perspective and find a solution that was hidden from them before.

All of these methods are used to find strength and calm in our busy lives. By employing the method that works for us while also pursuing environments that allow us to be our best we are able to focus on our strengths and contribute to the solutions.